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PREIG AG specialises in sustainable residential real estate projects in Berlin for its own portfolio.

Outdated and in need of extensive modernisation? That’s exactly what we’re looking for! We buy apartment buildings with potential for our own portfolio in Berlin.


At PREIG AG, we are committed to actively preserving and improving Berlin’s housing stock, much of which is over 150 years old. We focus on creating carbon neutral, innovative and socially compatible properties. We believe that apartments in Berlin’s classic buildings should meet modern standards and cater to contemporary needs. Our projects achieve these goals with energy-efficiency upgrades, targeted modernisation measures and, above all, the strategic conversion of undeveloped attic space.


We have a strong connection with Berlin, which is why we are constantly working to improve the quality of existing homes in Berlin. We want to protect Berlin’s classic apartments from decay and transform them into carbon-neutral, modern residential units of the future, significantly increasing the city’s quality of life as we do so. Sustainable and smart modernisations are at the heart of everything we do.

As a Berlin-based developer of existing residential buildings, we have made it our mission to refurbish outdated residential properties, upgrade their energy efficiency and integrating state-of-the-art technologies.


Together, we have embraced the challenge of refurbishing and strategically upgrading Berlin’s outstanding historic buildings to our high standards of environmental and economic sustainability. In doing so, we pursue a consistent, solution-oriented approach. We strive to create user-centric, future-proofed housing, retain existing tenants and attract new ones. All in the interests of diversity and guaranteeing a vibrant future for Berlin’s neighbourhoods.

The most sustainable solution is to modernise the city’s older buildings. Compared to new construction, refurbishing an existing building achieves a much lower carbon footprint and helps Berlin retain its unique charm. That’s why we don’t shy away from complex modernisation projects, and are happy to adopt unusual and innovative approaches. With our experienced team, we want to make a difference on the Berlin real estate market as pioneers of climate protection and sustainability in the city’s classic apartment buildings.

PREIG AG (Plutos Real Estate Investment Group AG) combines the activities of the Plutos Group with its subsidiary CREO Group and, as a developer and owner of a portfolio of residential real estate, focuses on the Berlin real estate market. We pool more than ten years of property development and asset management expertise with unmatched industry experience in one company. Together with our long-standing partners, we develop complex residential real estate for the future.


As PREIG AG, our primary focus is on the sustainable and strategic refurbishment of older apartment buildings in Berlin. As a Berlin-based company, we have a strong connection with the city and want to actively enhance the housing stock in central neighbourhoods, upgrading it for the long term. We deploy innovative modernisation measures to significantly increase the quality of life in the German capital. In doing so, we do everything we can to minimise disruption to tenants. Housing in Berlin’s classic apartment buildings needs to be made fit for the future. In view of the ongoing climate crisis and resulting changes in the heating and management of properties, we focus on energy-efficient and careful refurbishment. Every older building that is preserved is better for the climate than every additional carbon-neutral new building.

€ 1,4 billion +

transaction volume

120 +

projects completed

490,000 m² +

GFA projects completed

64,000 m² +

GFA assets under management

25 +


Cumulative intra-group totals, including (former) subsidiaries, as of Q4/2022


Founding of the Plutos Group

Completion of the Group’s first real estate project  as a joint venture with numerous partners


Founding of FORTIS Wohnwert GmbH as a subsidiary of the Plutos Group

Purpose: Privatisation of existing buildings and residential project developments


Founding of FORTIS Group
as a subsidiary of the Plutos Group
Purpose: Development and successive sale of a portfolio of older buildings

Founding of CREO Group
as a subsidiary of the Plutos Group
Purpose: Commercial real estate project development


FORTIS Group becomes FORTIS Aktiengesellschaft

Founding of LenzWerk Development GmbH as a subsidiary of the Plutos Group
Purpose: Residential modular construction and project development


Sale of shareholdings in FORTIS AG and LenzWerk Development GmbH in order to strategically realign the Group and focus on the development and management of residential and commercial real estate

Founding of PREIG AG (Plutos Real Estate Investment Group AG) and merger of companies in the Plutos and CREO Groups


Strategic realignment and return to core business: development of existing buildings in central Berlin locations

Natalie Kurda and Peyvand Jafari

Natalie Kurda has been a member of PREIG AG’s management team since day one and is responsible for the company’s operations. She studied real estate management in Berlin and has several years of experience in management positions. Most recently, Natalie Kurda spent several years as Head of Product Development at FORTIS Real Estate Investment AG, where her responsibilities included project development, asset and rental management for residential real estate. She was also a member of the management team at the CREO Group before being appointed to the Management Board of PREIG AG.

Peyvand Jafari is the founder and CEO of PREIG AG and is responsible for the strategic orientation of the group of companies. Previously, together with his Plutos Group, he founded FORTIS AG and the CREO Group, with which he played a leading role in numerous property developments in the residential and commercial segments. With this accumulated expertise, Peyvand Jafari pursues the goals of identifying opportunities in the market, implementing visionary business models and actively shaping the future of the real estate industry.

Dr. Jobst-Friedrich von Unger

Dr. von Unger was appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of PREIG AG in 2021. He is as a lawyer / syndic at Röchling SE & Co. KG.

Bastian Geistler

Bastian Geistler is Diplom-Wirtschaftsingenieur (equivalent to a Master’s in Industrial Engineering) and Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board. He runs a successful, second-generation private family office with a focus on real estate.

Matthias Lautenschläger

Matthias Lautenschläger is Diplom-Betriebswirt (equivalent to a Master’s in Business Administration) and Managing Partner at LEC Capital GmbH. He is also a member of the Supervisory Boards of wob AG and MLP Finanzierungsberatung SE.