Extensive modernization to establish a contemporary condition

At PREIG AG, we want to actively shape the residential real estate portfolio in Berlin’s inner city locations and preserve it in the long term. Our focus is on intelligent and innovative solutions and future generations. Living in an old building in Berlin should become living in the future through sustainable and targeted modernization of the entire building. This includes modern and energy-saving heating systems, modern risers and water pipes as well as photovoltaic systems on the roofs. We are convinced that innovative and future-oriented real estate significantly increases the quality of life in a city, and will continue to do so for generations to come.

We are convinced that a modernized old building in Berlin can offer at least as much comfort as a new building and is much more sustainable. The living space already exists and does not have to be built. In addition to environmentally friendly measures, future-oriented modernization also includes living comfort, which we achieve specifically by adding elevators and balconies.

We are also planning to convert the loft space into new family-friendly apartments.

Hasenheide Berlin - Referenzen PREIG AG
Hasenheide - PREIG AG
Hasenheide - PREIG AG